Utrecht University is an internationally renowned research university that has opted to connect scientific excellence and fundamental research with a societal charge into four interdisciplinary Strategic themes, one of which is Dynamics of Youth, uniting researchers with a focus on (abnormal) child development from all relevant faculties, including amongst others the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences (FSBS) and the Academic Medical Center (UMCU) (specifically the Rudolf Magnus Brain Center/BCRM). Utrecht University houses a large-scale on-going longitudinal cohort study that follows children from before birth until adolescence: the Youth cohort.

Caroline Junge and Carlijn van den Boomen are assistant professors at Developmental and Experimental Psychology. Both are Work Package leaders for Sapiens and will train, teach and supervise ESR5 on a daily basis. Caroline Junge will contribute her knowledge on typical language acquisition and Carlijn van den Boomen will contribute her knowledge on atypical social development. Postdoc Roy Hessels adds his experience with dual eye-tracking and will be the daily supervisor for ESR2. Interconnecting both ESRs will be supervisor Chantal Kemner, who is a full professor in Biological Developmental Psychology, and has appointments at the FSBS and UMCU.