ESR 13

Pedro’s research consists of: building and testing new methods to analyse, on an individual basis, infants brain responses to social stimuli; studying learning in the developing brain by using computational models.

The first goal will be achieved through the development and testing of a new integrated framework for real-time EEG and fMRI collection and analysis. This framework will leverage state-of-the-art machine learning methods like Bayesian optimisation and generative adversarial neural networks to create an exhaustive space of face stimuli and sample it efficiently according to the individual’s response to each stimulus.

The second goal will be to analyse real and simulated data to better understand the underpinnings of learning on neurotypical and atypical brains. To do this, a battery of several cognitive tasks will be developed to run on both a tablet and a virtual environment.

Pedro is currently doing his PhD between Birkbeck and King’s College London and has a Masters from Portugal, his native country, in Biomedical Engineering at Instituto Superior Tecnico.