ESR 4.

I am originally from Seville (Spain), where I took and obtained a BSc in Psychology. Since I was very keen to learn more about early development and the numerous ways to investigate it, I moved to Leipzig (Germany) and earned a MSc in EarlyChildhood Research. Ever since, my interest on brain development, especially when in interaction with the social world, has been increasing, Therefore, I am excited to now be part of, and contribute to, the SAPIENS project.

My project aims to apply state-of-the art EEG analysis to improve our understanding of the role of brain oscillations in the developing social brain. It is still a major goal of the field touncover the nature of the relationship that brain oscillations hold with different cognitive processes, as well as the neural mechanisms underlaying them, and whether and/or how they change over time.

This project tackles these questions by following a novel approach. Namely, by developing an EEG paradigm that can both be used in young populations and monitor brain activity in real-time, we intend to directly modulate brain oscillations and asses to whatextent such modulation can have consequences in the individual’s performance (e.g. learning) and developmental outcomes.