As part of my PhD I will be investigating atypicalities in early neural markers in young children at high risk of developing ASD and a low-risk control group. To date, current research has looked at infants at risk of ASD by virtue of having an older sibling with the disorder. However, it remains unclear whether these studies are representative of the general population, that is, children without known genetic or familial risk factors but that display early symptoms of the disorder. My project will aim to fill this current gap in understanding.

Before moving to the Netherlands, I spent 5 years in the not so sunny UK. There I studied Physics, but I soon realized that even though there still so much to discover about stars and galaxies, the brain is one of the most complex and mind-blowing organs in the universe and I want to learn more about it each day. When I am not working on my project, I like to practice my poor baking skills and my even poorer running skills. ​​