KCL is one of the top 30 universities in the world (2011/2012 QS international world rankings) and in the top seven UK universities for research earnings and has an overall annual income of nearly £525 million. The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) is Europe’s largest centre for research and postgraduate education in psychiatry, psychology, basic and clinical neuroscience. The Psychology Department has dedicated child and family friendly toddler, child and adult laboratories for EEG/ERP, NIRS, eye tracking and behavioural observation. The Department also has extensive core computational facilities for advanced neuroimaging analysis and neurocomputational modelling, with state of the art server facilities.

Tony Charman is Chair in Clinical Child Psychology and Lab Director of the Autism and Developmental Team in the Deptment of Psychology. He has led a number of landmark ASD projects over the past two decades including screening, early diagnosis, prevalence, intervention, and ‘at-risk’ studies. He has published over 250 peer-reviewed papers (most on ASD). Robert Leech is a Professor of Neuroimaging Analytics in the Department of Neuroimaging. His research is inherently multi-disciplinary, integrating neuroscience, psychology and computer science to better understand the healthy and pathological brain. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers. Peter Hellyer is a Lecturer in Neuroimaging Analytics in the Department of Neuroimaging. His research uses a combination of structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI and DTI) to study the relationship between the dynamic functional activity of the brain, neural structure and cognition. He has significant expertise in developing novel computational modeling techniques to decompose and predict the dynamical properties of the human brain. He has published over 30 peer-reviewed papers.