Center for Brain and Cognitive Development at Birkbeck College was formed in 1998 and has a strong international reputation for its work in developmental cognitive neuroscience. The CBCD is housed in a purpose-designed building that contains extensive laboratory space with state-of-the-art ERP (x 2), NIRS optical imaging, eye-tracking (x 3), EMG/GSR, motion capture and behavioural testing facilities. CBCD has an international reputation for training and research in human functional brain development using these methods. The CBCD also has extensive databases of participants, including existing neuroimaging, cognitive and behavioral data from three cohorts of infants with older siblings with ASD and/or ADHD.

Emily Jones is a Lecturer at CBCD, and coordinates the European network of researchers studying infants with older siblings with ASD (Eurosibs). She runs a number of research projects on social brain development in low and high risk populations, including intervention studies with infants at familial risk for autism/ADHD and prospective studies of infants with genetic syndromes. She has a background in using cognitive and EEG methods to study early brain development. She has published over 40 papers on social brain development in infants, children and adults with and without ASD.