Congratulations Dr Pedro Carvalho de Paula Ferreira da Costa

Yesterday at King’s College (London, UK), Pedro (ESR 13) defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Latent navigation for building better predictive models for neurodevelopmental research” and has become the first Dr from the Sapiens Project. His supervisors Prof Emily Jones (Birkbeck University) and Prof Robert Leech (King’s College) together with the rest of the ESRs are very proud of this achievement despite the pandemic and many other situations that have made these last years, especially challenging for the ESRs.

Pedro has a background in engineering and is especially interested in the methodology part of the project and improving it through machine learning. You can access all his publications through the RG of the project. Pedro has decided to move to industry and we are sure he will make an outstanding job there as he has made in the Sapiens Project.

We wish you good luck for the rest of your career!

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