SAPIENS Publications

Despite the uncertain times and ongoing situation, SAPIENS project work has not stopped! Some of the outcomes have been presented and published during 2021.

Pedro (ESR 13), and Elena (ESR 9), both settled in London (UK) in King`s College and Birbek, have published a preprint entitled “Neuroadaptative electroencephalography: a proof-of-principle study in infants“.

Irzam (ESR 15) settled at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm (Sweden) has published “Determinig Zygosity in Infant Twins – Revisiting the Questionnaire Approach” in the journal Twins Research and Human Genetics by Cambridge University Press.

Niilo (ESR 2) settled in Utrecht (The Netherlands) and Charlotte (ESR 1) settled in Uppsala (Sweden) have published “Eye tracking in human interaction: Possibilities and limitations” in the journal Behaviour Research Methods.

Charlotte (ESR 1) settled in Uppsala has published a preprint entitled “Infants attention to eyes in an independent, heritable trait predicting later verbal competence“.

Previous and next publications will be updated in the RG of the project!

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